A downloadable experiment for Windows, macOS, and Linux


sor is an interactive simulation with a lot of birds thrown into a complex environment. these birds have a fairly complex decision-planning system that makes their actions varied, interesting, and sometimes, unpredictable. birds also have a variety of personality traits that affect their behavior.


  • DPAD or IJKL - move
  • SHIFT - boost
  • [2] - launch capsule
  • SPACE - shoot


  • trees are spread all over the map, and larger trees grow energy beans; eat energy beans to replenish energy!
  • the colored pips underneath each bird represent their opinion of you. positive opinions are blue and green, neutral opinions are yellow, and negative opinions are orange and red.
  • feeding birds by launching capsules at them from a distance can help you make friends!
  • depending on their personalities, some birds may respond to your presence by eagerly trying to make friends by feeding you, and some may run away or even attack you

system requirements

all builds are native and per-platform.


download a build for your platform and run SorDk


Sor_win-x64-v0.7.23.7z 23 MB
Version 0.7.23 50 days ago
Sor_mono-v0.7.23.7z 3 MB
Version 0.7.23 50 days ago
sor-linux.zip 25 MB
Version 0.7.23 50 days ago
sor-osx.zip 24 MB
Version 0.7.23 50 days ago

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